Build the foundation for the decentralized web. A virtual Hackathon by ETHGlobal and Protocol Labs

The decentralized web needs a decentralized filesystem.

The future is web3: a digital world that is censorship-resistant, decentralized, and trustless. A web where users control their own data and identity.

HackFS is an ETHGlobal hackathon focused on building the foundation for that world. We've partnered with Protocol Labs - the organization building Filecoin and IPFS - to run an event centered on dapps, web3, decentralized storage, and everything in between.

We're also working with partners across the Ethereum and Filecoin ecosystems to ensure that hackers have a wide variety of composable technologies to use to build their hacks.

At ETHGlobal, we're building on the success of HackMoney, our recent DeFi hackathon that spawned 120 projects. Like that event, HackFS will offer the highest caliber white-glove experience for developers, as they identify problems to work on, design solutions, build their hack, and present it to judges and eventually the whole web3 community.