Devcon 6: Bogotá (2021)



Agora Bogotá Convention Center
Calle 24 #38-71

The annual conference for all Ethereum developers, researchers, thinkers, and makers.

Devcon is meaningful to so many people and in many unique ways, and we’re thrilled to bring the event to South America for the first time. This event represents many things to the many different types of attendees that come together to be there.

It is a homecoming for many active participants in the world of Ethereum. It is a large stage on which to present the latest groundbreaking ideas and achievements for the builders that make Ethereum what it is and what it will become. And to all of us, Devcon is an opportunity to bring new faces, places and entire communities into the fold.

In Bogotá, we have already crossed paths with so many people and groups that are eager to meet more of the Ethereum community and to welcome Devcon for the first time. The pieces are in place to accomplish an important goal around community growth and assistance set out for Devcon. From builders, to educational entities, local business leaders, decision-makers and more, we’re already meeting and working with the people of Bogotá, Colombia, and South America to help make real-world use of Ethereum’s technology and to further it.

Devcon week is more than just one event, but a diverse set of meetups, sub-conferences and more that highlight the best of our ecosystem. Next year, we’re looking forward to adding some local flare, integration with other events, local businesses, and more.

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